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 " I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being."


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"Come on and be a part of transforming the Domestic Violence movement" - Alarice
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Hello! and Welcome to Peaceful Xistence, my name is Alarice Vidale de Palacios and I am a motivational speaker, advocate against violence, author, and your personal cheerleader. I encourage and advocate for women, children and families of all , creed, race and orientation against domestic violence and sexual abuse.  My purpose is to heal and educate through spoken words. There are many brilliant individuals who are not living their full potential due to violence and abusive situations which have weakened their Spirit, and/ or don't have enough belief to separate themselves from those impeding barriers which restrict them from reaching life goals. I have walked in the shoes of abuse -every cycle of it- and am FREE! It is this freedom which allows me to spread the positive message of Hope.
My mission for Peacful Xistence Inc., is simple: promoting healing and wellness in victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, we pass along knowledge, and move along, with all the wheels in motion we are healing and preserving one being at a time. Remember, where you are in your  life took time to get there, therefore there is no green pill  or red pill when correcting major issues, it will take time and much reinforcing support.
If you have arrived at this website because you are curious about who I am and the services offered, that's great! I invite you to take a look around and settle in!  For those of you referred here by friends and family then just click on any of the subject tabs and get educated about the realities concerning domestic violence and sexual abuse and motivated.  There is something for everyone - for those of you who "stumbled" upon my website I believe you didn't arrive by accident ! Look around, perhaps you know someone who is living as a victim of domestic violence, who can use the information found on these pages, it takes all of us to battle abuse, that means you, me, friends and family!
In closing I am open to suggestions please do not hesitate to email or contact me on the following:
facebook:   Alarice Motivates!
twitter:          @AlMotivates
LinkedIn:     Alarice Vidale de Palacios
Office            202.286.8885
Peace and Blessings,