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“We must beware of any attempt to make hatred in any form the basis of action. Most emphatically each of us needs to stand up for his own rights; all men and all groups of men are bound to retain their self-respect, and, demanding this same respect from others, to see that they are not injured and that they have secured to them the fullest liberty of thought and action. But to feed fat a grudge against others, while it may or may not harm them, is sure in the long run to do infinitely greater harm to the man himself.”
Theodore Roosevelt
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This section of my website is definitely dear to my heart. As a young teenager, I heard stories of vicious, senseless beatings and murders which occurred throughout our nation, and imprinted on  my heart, here are a few:
  • Julio Rivera (1990) – beaten with a hammer and stabbed to death with a knife.
  • Gwen Araujo
  • **Brandon Teena – raped and murdered in 1993
  • Scott Amedure (1995) – murdered after revealing his homosexuality on a Jenny Jones’ show ( I REMEMBER THIS SHOW AND THE MURDER WHICH FOLLOWED TO THIS DAY)
  • **Matthew Shepard's beating and death from exposure after being left tied to a fence in 1998.
Violations which today make me shudder just at the thought. As I grew older, and found myself homeless and living in a shelter by age 19 in Washington DC. I was exposed to the gay culture, years later I ran away - yes I ran - to Florida and it was the kindness of several gay men who helped me with make shift furnishings for my home and for my children. In part my healing has been shaped by the love received from individuals from just about every walk of Life! Therefore it is important that I am very accurate with the information found on this page.
According to, reported hate crimes committed against individuals because of their sexual orientation increased in 2007 to 1,265, the highest level in five years. Of all hate crimes reported in 2007, the proportion committed against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals rose to 16.6 percent, also the highest level in five years. According to the FBI's HCSA reports, gay men and lesbians have consistently been the third most frequent target of hate violence over the past decade.
The result of this increase in hate crimes based on sexual orientation is heightened fear and insecurity among LGBT individuals. Says Candace Nichols of the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada, "Every time I get into an elevator with people, if I'm not by myself, I make sure I'm with a friend. When I go to the bathroom, I always make sure someone is with me, and that's not something I used to do."
"Until we address the root causes of bias toward (LGBT) people, we'll continue to have hate perpetrated against us," says Shawna Virago, a program director for the San Francisco advocacy group Community United Against Violence.
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In their 2011 Report, The NationalCoalition of Anti Violence Programs reported the following:
Hate violence murders: Anti-LGBTQH murders increased from 27 in 2010 to 30 in 2011, an 11%increase. This reflects the highest number of murders ever recorded by NCAVP.87% of all murder victims in 2011 were people of color yet LGBTQH people of color only represented 49% of total survivors and victims.50% of murder victims in 2011 were non -transgender men,40% were transgender women , 7%were non-transgender women, and 3% were gender non-conforming.
Transgender women were also
disproportionately murdered only representing 10 % of overall survivors.
•Most Impacted Communities:
Gay people, LGBTQH people of color, immigrants, transgender people,youth, and young adults were disproportionately impacted by hate violence in 2011.

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These report statistics are mind-boggling, as I read them I thought of my family members and friends who are productive members of our society and are gay and lesbians. Would I want for them to not have the same options that I did, escaping abuse or receiving support because they are gay? Hell, NO!
More has to be done in terms of providing safety plans and support groups for these members of our community.
One absolute truth is:
  Violence and abuse don't discriminate, so why do we?
In the next few months I will be stepping up my crusading efforts to create a support network in order to assist with safe options and preservation techniques for my brothers and sisters in the GLBT communities, therefore keep checking back as I do what I know best, advocating for a violent free life.
Be Well,
Stay in the Light

Alarice Vidale de Palacios
"The Love is me is blind to color, religion, sexuality, gender, and all other capacities known to man, rather I am guided by One who is consistent with regards to Spirit and the balance of it" -Alarice
"Hateful to me as the gates of Hades is that man who hides one thing in his heart and speaks another."