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Creating Domestic Violence Awareness Through Education - Company Message
"I Value You and Your Feedback, Please Imprint Your Thoughts Below." -Alarice

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                                                         At the end of tunnel is light
                                                            as I go through I fight
                                                           Round'n out the bend, I
                                                                receive my baton
                                                       one leap,two leaps I am free
                                                 For God's Air has lifted me! Higher I fly
                                                        I won't stop until I kiss the sky
                                                  Humbled I was born Humble I Am
                                             Only to be born and made whole Again.
                                                                                           - Alarice Vidale de Palacios
I encourage you to leave message / opinions/ suggestions for me.  Your feedback is veryimportant and it helps me as a tool to continue to provide all of you with the informationneeded to recover.  Thank you!