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Abating the anger and moving on
Change is A Challenge. Accepting the Challenge to Change
Independence Day...As a Survivor Are you really Free
360 To A New Me - Day 2
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Abating the anger and moving on

At times we are driven by our emotions, which often times not good. For victims of domestic violence one of the emotions which prevails, is anger. Why? I believe that you put out what has been injected you.

Example, I know that as a survivor of domestic violence, I had to use anger as a motivator to take the next steps in my life, while living in an abusive situation it was anger which allowed me to gather the strength to leave and reclaim peace. Ironic? Years later I find myself on edge and still living defensively, as though I am still being assaulted on a daily basis.

Change is A Challenge. Accepting the Challenge to Change

Whoa, stop the press! Changing is a challenge and it is also a matter of attitude! I am finding out so much now that I have embarked on my 365 day journey.  I find myself doubling back and fighting the responses which have become over developed and simply do not serve me on my path to healing.  In those weak moments I weigh the importance of becoming whole to living my life in the fragmented belief that I can control everything that is happening in my space.

In the days that I have not blogged I have been busy mapping my road and believe you me that I am finding out so much.

Independence Day...As a Survivor Are you really Free

Happy Independence Day! Today is Friday July 4th 2014. Wow for many of us we are grateful to be alive! My blog today references Freedom as a survivor, many of you like me, have come a long way and we still have more than a mile to go, however what about those of you, who made it out but just can't seem to get past the experience, of the hurt, abuse, pain and the shame?

This blog is for this special audience who continue to blame themselves for the abuse which was sustained, it is during special Holidays where many reflect on abuse, simply because on holidays and special occasions physical violence is triggered by alcohol and drug intoxication.

360 To A New Me - Day 2

As stated in my blog on yesterday today's message will be sharing with you the areas in my life where I would like to make notable change without further adieu here is the listing (please note that this is not listed in any particular order thus it is very random. I will be listing the importance of these attributes on with regards to my life
1) Education - In one year I would like to strive towards completion of my educational track which began many moons ago, this is a chapter which needs to progress!

360 Degrees To A New Me in 365 days

Hello Everybody! Boy it has been an incredibly long time. I know I know, I became sidetracked with all that was going on in my world and in the world of others and I left all my lurkers (you know I appreciate the love) in the dark.  Never fear I am back and with a mission!For those of you who know me, you are aware that I am always seeking for ways to share healing and love, which I believes leads to empowerment.  In order to prove the benefits of positive change I will be documenting over  the next year on a daily basis my evolution through identifying my own personal traumas and beginning to erase them by addressing what I can and releasing all of it to the Universe.

No Time Like Now

            As the season's are changing I find myself driven to accomplish so much before the end of the year! I can't believe we are less than 110 days out until 2014. If you are like me then you have placed many of your resolutions on the back burner since the beginning of this year. Tisk tisk. How about pulling one of those "to do" items out of your bag and looking at it and dealing with it? More specifically, healing, how many times we have made a commitment to ourselves to exercise, seek counseling, or even to reconcile with a love one, and just have not followed through?

Day 1

        All of our journeys begin on a day remarkable to us and only us. Perhaps it began on the day when you were waiting for the bus, the day when someone violated you, the day of your child's birth, the point is that some occurrence triggered youri nternal mind to say "Enough" and then you were off to healing. In healing we all have a Day1. Whether it was the day you walked out or the dayy ou fought back. Day 1 is a liberating day for all of us as it reinforces tha twe are no longer willing to participate in the power/control cycle and all we desire is to exist in a harmonious peace in our own lives.


Please note: The name of the perpetrator was not used out of respect to the real victim,
Trayvon Martin (February 5, 1995 –February 26, 2012)
As all of you have heard by now, the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case has been rendered andman’s justicehas spoken: NOT GUILTY.  The perpetrator of this crime was found not guilty. When I received the news, I was experiencing an incredible reconnection with intimate friends. We were dining and enjoying the late evening by the water when my friend,Melinda R.

New Beginnings and What They Really Mean

Friends and Seekers!
      It’s Alarice and I had a thought regarding new beginnings and what they mean to those of us who have been exposed to abuse. For me my new beginning meant FREEDOM!
      Freedom to think and be at peace- after so many years of have my emotions manipulated and tossed back and forth as though a very bad game of chess, the moment I was able to walk away with nothing but my children and a new beginning I was overwhelmed.

Joy is the name of the game!

Everyday, that we have is worthy to be honored living and promoting safety. For those of us who know of trials and tribulations we also strive to live a joy filled life because we know what misery is. Everyday should be filled will with laughter and living through the creative mind! Be will and know that there is no way but UP!